If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.


- Nikola Tesla

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a way to address certain conditions by exposure to artificial light, including...





What our clients are saying...

Light therapist Lisa Chadsey adding a light system to a client

Lisa is very knowledgeable and loves what she does helping her clients feel better with her light therapy. She has helped me with my vertigo, concussion and inflammation issues. She is one amazing woman!! Let her help you feel better! Call and make an appointment today, you’ll love it and feel so good and relaxed. Thank you Lisa for always being there for me. Love ya girl.

- Kim M

“Lisa is amazing! I was in so much pain after getting hit by a truck a few years ago. After my first light therapy session I felt so much better! Lisa came up with a program and I was able to recover quickly and get back to life with my son. Not only did she help with my pain but helped with my sleep and digestive issues. I was able to heal without pain medication.”

- Michelle P


Meet Lisa...

Lisa Chadsey is a practitioner of light therapy and is passionate about sharing its benefits after struggling with her own health issues. Lisa's goal is to help people experience the same freedom and hope she felt after discovering a safe alternative.

Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey

Therapy Options

Therapy Options

Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey sitting down with a client for a consultation

Customized Sessions

Personalized program that is tailored to your unique needs.

A young client using a light system

Rental Program

Rent a system

before you buy.

light therapy system for rent or to own

Purchase a System

Own your own home

medical device.


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Loveland Location

Located in the Be Well Clinic

5803 McWhinney Blvd

Loveland, CO 80538

Call (720) 219-2990 for an appointment


Windsor Location

Located in the Bella Vie Med Spa & Wellness Clinic

1295 Main Street, Suite #1

Windsor, CO 80550

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