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Bring on the New Year

Hello - how are you?

Did you get to enjoy your time with your family? I was able to spend time with mine and I am feeling a little more refreshed and relaxed.

And with that newfound energy, I want to enjoy the coming of the New Year, Oh yes. It’s that time of the year again! When the long trek through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall leads us back through Winter and into a brand new year. Are you excited? I am! Though that may come from the excitement for warmer months.

Now, I think cycles can be funny things. Each day I go through the same routines over and over again. Each week I step into the same shoes, drive to the same places, and take my son to his various sports and friend activities. That cycle keeps me both engaged - connected to the routines I’ve set to shape my life - and it can also bring monotony.

But those cycles are built by us, for us. We want to build lives for ourselves and often live moment to moment while we do it. But this time of year creates a momentary pause in those cycles. It’s the end of 2022 and tomorrow it will be the beginning of 2023. This means that you can take this opportunity to ask yourself what it is that you want to build for yourself in the coming year.

Here are some questions I ask myself that may be helpful for you:

  • Who would you like to become in 2023?

  • What big goal will stretch you and help you create what you want to?

  • What relationship in your life needs some extra love and care in the coming year?

  • What health goals do you have to care for your body?

  • What financial goal can you set that will help you succeed?

I know some of you may be saying - I don’t do New Years Resolutions, and I hear you loud and clear. It can feel so cliche! But I think it’s important for us all to take time to re-evaluate where we’re at and how we want to show up in our lives.

This time of year in the quiet of winter is perfect for settling into that self-reflection while enjoying a lovely cup of coffee or tea. Wherever you are, here are some thoughts that I have for you as we step into 2023.

  • Have hope & know that great things are coming into your life.

  • Know that failure or mistakes happen, and that they teach us incredibly valuable lessons. Never be afraid to lean in!

  • You can do anything, just not everything. Put your energy where it serves you most!

  • I am so happy that you exist, wherever you are. Thank you for all the unspoken things that you do!

And on that note, may you have a beautiful New Years Eve - 2023, here we come!

If you’re wanting to bring better health into your life in the new year, light therapy is an incredible tool to help you do so. I’m happy to help you move towards your goals and get these healing tools in your life!

Call me at (720) 219-2990 if you want to talk or need anything!

~Lisa Chadsey


If you want to learn more about Light Therapy & my Light Therapy work, you can follow me with the links below, or email me at - thank you for reading!

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