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How you can feel beautiful again after hair loss (This is for the guys too!)

Many people have experienced hair loss with the initial strain of COVID and the many strains that have recirculated since then. I’ve had numerous clients come to me wanting to know if it’s possible to bring back the beautiful hair they once had. They crave the confidence they had looking in the mirror once more.

For anyone who is wondering if this is really possible. Yes, it absolutely is.

If you’ve been reading along, light therapy works so well with so many things because it focuses on alleviating the stress that your body takes on. This way it can refocus on efficiently removing waste, facilitating more energy creation, and then allowing your body to naturally heal itself by the processes that have always been there to serve us.

This therapy helps with hair re-growth as well! Normally hair loss is caused by hormonal changes, natural hereditary markers, medical conditions or the process of aging. Light therapy brings it right back to a cellular level to repair and regenerate.

Now, you may be thinking “Yeah, yeah, that’s what the science says, but I’ve been dealing with this for so long! How do I know it’s possible for me?” And I’ll just let you know, that part of why I believe so strongly in this is because I’ve experienced the joy of seeing my hair come back in, thicker than ever, after losing so much of it. I’ve been there and it’s terrible.

Here’s a little more about what I experienced.

This happened many years ago before I knew about light therapy. I noticed that I was losing handfuls of hair and it wasn't growing back. At first I thought it would pass. Then as time went on I started to feel hopeless and began to wonder if it was from all of the medication that I was on.

The medication was there to help me with my depression and gut health issues but it wasn’t working and the pills just began stacking up higher and higher. Once I found light therapy and was consistently doing it, my depression and gut health issues started to rebalance and heal. But to my shock, after 4 months I started feeling stubbles on my head. I couldn’t believe my hair was growing back. I had assumed that it would be thin for the rest of my life. Yet now, it was growing so fast. The only reason I noticed was because I was needing to go to my hair stylist more and more. I went from every 8 weeks to every 3 weeks (to cover up my wisdom hairs). The only thing I was doing differently was light therapy.

My hairdresser noticed that my hair wasn't as brittle and that there was a natural vibrance to it. Then it became more full and smooth. As time went on, it took her longer to color my hair because there was more of it. It's been like that ever since. And I am beyond grateful! I’ve had many clients since who have experienced the long-term benefits of hair re-growth with light therapy.

I do want to let you know with full transparency, that this process takes time and consistency. It typically takes 12 - 16 weeks to address the damage that was there, heal the cells, and naturally allow your hair follicles to regrow that hair in a healthier state so you can visibly see the changes. The results are long-lasting, so I promise the wait is well worth it!

Now if you have questions about what this could look like for you, please feel free to reach out and we can dive into any questions you have. I offer custom plans to help you target the areas of your body that will help you with the re-growth of your hair AND many other natural healing benefits that you may not have realized you needed!

I hope you’re enjoying the first official days of spring, even with the snow. I can’t wait for rainy thunderstorms, and the first flowers to pop up!

With Love,

~Lisa Chadsey


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