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Yes, it's Possible - Healing Acne With Light Therapy

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Heal your acne with Light therapy and it's natural ability to heal you on a cellular level.

Welcome back! Today’s topic is about acne.

Now as you think back to your childhood and teenage years, you will likely remember going through the process of having acne. And honestly it sucks. But when you become an adult and you get acne, it really sucks. It can completely impact the way that you see yourself and your level of confidence. Well I have good news for you. Light Therapy can help. Whether you’re young or old - actually let’s call that being wiser - Light Therapy can definitely help clear up acne.

Acne isn’t just a surface issue. It’s a digestive issue. It can be caused from poor eating, drinking, your environment, stressors, and beyond. What’s beautiful about Light Therapy is that you can see results quickly on the surface level of your skin. And most importantly, it’s going to repair down to the root of the issue which is within the cells in the areas that you’re having issues with. It reduces the painful inflammation that you can feel under your skin when you have acne, even before it’s visible on the surface. Light Therapy focuses on a holistic healing both on the surface, and internally.

Often, you will see people that are touching their face in the places that their acne is the worst. Even my husband will put his hand on his forehead throughout the day. Then, later on, he wonders why he experiences breakouts there.

The presence of acne can come from bacteria exposure and your body not being able to fight it off. This causes inflammation and the red, blue, and infrared lights can help with that. A lot of people can see results within two to three sessions. You don’t want to stop there. You want to keep going to help your body have that consistent healing.

Many times, you don’t know what might be causing your inflammation. Or maybe you do know. Alcohol can cause inflammation. Having bread can cause inflammation. Anything that your body recognizes as being toxic will cause that inflammation. But what Light Therapy helps to do is to go after the inflammation and bacteria at a deeper level and help your body to reduce it. Light Therapy focuses on going after the free radicals that oxidize and age your skin too. So not only does Light Therapy help with acne. It also helps with aging skin.

So that’s what’s really helpful about Light Therapy. It allows you to focus on Collagen regeneration. The lights penetrate under the surface of the skin and focus on soothing and repairing tissue. So, I hope that helps with your question and tells you more about how Light Therapy can help with acne!

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