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How Light Therapy Healed Me | My Story

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Certified Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey

How I Found Light Therapy & Healing

I want to talk with you about Light Therapy, because like you I was a huge sceptic at first.

In fact, I was a sceptic for over two years. I kept hearing about Light Therapy and I kept brushing it off. All I could think was, ‘How can lights help to heal your body?’ How could it take away depression, pain, and allow for recovery from both surgery and working out?

I come from a background where I was a personal trainer for over thirty years. I did everything I could in this industry, and I was a huge proponent for doing everything naturally. Specifically in how to teach people to heal their body through exercise and diet. And even with this, I tell you, I had my own struggles.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life. I was taking medication that grew until I had nine different medications and was taking twenty seven pills a day. Despite this, I was still ill. I was still fighting, suffering, and struggling everyday. I kept hearing about this Light Therapy from the people in my life and I was literally pushed into trying it. Only then did I realize how powerful it was for healing.

My story begins with me in a huge hurry, parked on a steep incline.

One of my clients was going to show up any minute. I got out of my vehicle, not paying attention and stepped on a rock. Well, I immediately sprained my ankle, and the pain and imbalance caused me to fall into my car and from there I bounced off my car and then I landed in the landscape timbers. I bounced off of those and then hit the back of my car. If that wasn’t enough I then flew forward about 8 feet and knocked myself out. This wasn’t just a sprained ankle, but now it was a head injury as well as several bumps and bruises.

When I regained consciousness, I crawled into my basement which was a walkout basement. My client showed up right on time, and I when she found me in the garage on the ground, I had to tell her what had happened.

To step back for a minute, before this happened, I was working with a naturopath to get off my medication. She was the one that had been telling me to try out Light Therapy. Well, the client who found me in the garage also my naturopath. As she helped me up she told me to go see Karen for light therapy.

I was like: “What are lights going to do?”

She replied, “Just shut up and go!”

So I went.

When I saw Karen, she started by putting the lights on my tummy.

I said, “No, no, no. It’s my ankle.” Then she put the lights on my head.

I said, “No, no, it’s my ankle.” And then she put them on my back.

I responded with, “No, it’s my ankle.” So, she finally put the lights on my ankle.

I had all of these pads all up and down my body. She told me to relax. I did a session. From there, I went home, but I didn’t feel any different. I was feeling tired from the trauma of everything and dealing with the pain so when I arrived home, I laid down to take a nap.

About twenty minutes later, something startled me like someone was breaking in to my home. I jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs, and ran across the kitchen looking for a possible intruder. Once I realized no one was there I stopped and though ‘What am I doing running? I’ve sprained my ankle!’ But there was no pain… I looked down and the inflammation in my ankle was gone. I couldn’t believe it. When I looked up and outside I was so shocked and it brought me to tears. Because now that I was still and thinking clearly, I realized that my depression had lifted.

I haven’t had that feeling in almost thirty years. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe the lift of all the weight I had felt. It was gone.

I called Karen immediately and I asked her, “What did you do to me? And when can I do it again?”

So that is my story.

It changed my life.

I’ve known for a long time now that I want to teach others how Light Therapy works and why it works so they can heal themselves too. I pursued more Light Therapy. I bought the system. And it took me about 8 months, but I was able to get off all of the medication that has built up in my life. Occasionally I have bouts of depression and anxiety, but now I use the lights instead of popping pills.

I put the lights on. And it has changed my life.


If you want to learn more about Light Therapy & my Light Therapy work, you can follow me with the links below, or email me at - thank you for reading!

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