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The Powerful Healing of Infrared Light | The Types of Light

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Infrared Light used by Certified Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey

Hey welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about Infrared Light.

So Infrared light, out of all the wavelengths of colors that are out there that have been studied, has been shown to have the most therapeutic potential of all the light therapies out there. Fun fact, NASA was the first to start studying it and start applying it back in the 60s. What they found is that it significantly improves the overall health and medical care of astronauts on long term missions. That’s really powerful and has since become used by more and more people looking to heal.

Now, before we delve too deeply, I want to explain the difference between ultraviolet light and infrared light. There is a difference between them that is important. Now ultraviolet light has “damaging effects on the tissues and cells of the body.” While infrared light “helps cells to regenerate and repair themselves. It also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen rich blood in the body promoting faster healing of deep tissues and healing pain as well as by reducing inflammation.” This comes from doctor Michael Hamblin. You can find him all over YouTube and he has studied Light Therapy more than anyone else out there.

He’s been researching the therapeutic effects of light, particularly near Infrared Light, for decades. He thinks it can treat everything from muscle pain to Alzheimer’s disease. He says the benefits of near Infrared Light aren’t from the heat it provides, but in how it alters the body’s cells. He says that it’s astonishing the number of diseases and conditions it can treat. You can use near Infrared for orthopedic things like injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle pain, and you can also use it on your head to help the brain. With Infrared Light and the brain, you can treat dementia, psychiatric disorders, head injuries, and many other types of disorders. It’s really effective. This also includes stroke, lesions in the brain, depression, Alzheimer’s, and migraines. It’s really phenomenal in helping with migraines.

Infrared Therapy has many roles in the human body, and these include detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, lowered side effects of diabetes, boosting the immune system, and lowering blood pressure. It is such a powerful healing modality for so much.

Now, with Infrared, the naked eye cannot see the light that is emitted. There is a pad system that has red, blue, and infrared light with Light Therapy. You’ll notice that the naked eye just can’t see it. And within a session, this is good because you don’t want to have your eyes open. You do want to have them closed.

But just the magnitude of how much Infrared has been studied and the benefits of it showcases the importance of having it in your life.

It’s such a huge relief that it exists and is something that is as natural and healing to our body so you can heal naturally instead of using medications or using things that the body may reject.

Your body won’t reject infrared light. It’s giving the cells that it needs to heal itself. It’s beautiful!

So that’s what I have for you on Infrared Light. If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below!

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