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Can Light Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Allowing for the healing benefits of Light Therapy to bring weight loss and healing to you in Northern Colorado

Today We’re Going to Talk About Weight Loss.

Yes, the thing that's on most of our minds as we try to find our way with our health journeys. So, you are probably wondering, how does Light Therapy help with weight loss? It’s interesting because it’s a part of a billion-dollar business that exists out there with all of the supplements, work out plans, and tools that you can buy just to help people loose fat.

Here’s an option for you that’s healthy and will bring you further along in your wellness journey. With Light Therapy, the treatment specifically helps to reduce the size of the fat cells within your body. It doesn’t make the fat cell go away like liposuction does - If you want to do that, that’s fine, but come see me first!

Light Therapy helps to reduce the size of your fat cells while also increasing your skeletal muscle mass. When you have more muscle mass, your metabolism speeds up and burns more fat. This is how Light Therapy helps to shrink the fat cells. But I want to emphasize that it is not just Light Therapy that will help you lose weight. You will need to pair this with an overall health focus. This means exercising in a way that you enjoy, eating healthy food, making sure that you have good nutrition intake, water intake, restful sleep, and whatever else you need to maintain to feel mentally and physically strong. There are so many different components to losing weight, but Light Therapy is an additional supplement, so to speak, that you can add to your wellness and health routine.

Light Therapy also helps with stress levels. Many of us when we are stressed eat poorly and gain weight rapidly. When you get stressed your Cortisol levels go up and our body stores the fat that we consume. Light Therapy helps to calm down your central nervous system to help with blood flow and it helps with overall wellbeing. You can see that Light Therapy helps to alleviate some of the different components that cause weight loss while also helping your body on a cellular level. There are so many components to increasing your health through your wellness journey, and light therapy is one of the ways that you can do that!

If you see anyone like me or someone else in the Light Therapy field, they can help you with the placement of pads to focus on the correct areas of your body for fat loss. I teach you as we work together. This allows for a targeted approach to help you and another tool that you can add to your tool belt. So there you have it, there is a high level look at Light Therapy and how it can help you with weight loss!

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