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What Is Light Therapy? | Learn More

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Photopuncture using Light Therapy with Certified Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey

You've Heard About It, But What Exactly Is Light Therapy?

I want to answer one of your biggest questions - What is light therapy?

Well, Light Therapy is the process of using targeted light equipment to utilize lights so they can speak to your cells and give your mitochondria, your DNA, and all that goodness, the information it needs to heal itself. How it does this is with red light, blue light, and infrared light. The color of the light translates to how deep the light penetrates into your body and what it heals.

For example, blue light is a great light for any surface healing. It goes down to the epidermis. It helps with infections, it helps with antiaging, and it helps with regenerating skin. It also helps to kill bacteria. For those of you out there that are diabetics and have a hard time with wound healing, blue light is your friend.

The blue light and red light help to regenerate hair. Not where you don’t want it of course, but on your head. For those of us who are aging and want antiaging features, blue light is also beautiful for regenerating collagen. I myself lost a lot of hair from all of the medication I was taking before I started using Light Therapy. I was almost bald. But Light Therapy helped me to heal.

Meanwhile, red light penetrates about an inch into the body. This speaks to muscle tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and your nerves. With the red light and the blue light communicating together at different levels it creates an amazing amount of blood flow. When you have blood flow and circulation, your body heals itself. It’s awesome.

My favorite of the three lights – though really, they’re all my favorite – is infrared light. It goes four to six inches into your body and it actually penetrates the skull. So, for those who have had a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, anxiety, or depression, the infrared penetrates deep enough to help heal areas that red and blue light alone can’t reach. And no, it’s not dangerous. No, it’s not causing any harm whatsoever. In fact, there are absolutely no side effects to Light Therapy. It’s a beautiful healing modality.

Even beyond this, the infrared light is also amazing for bone fractures, arthritis, and anything that involves your brain. It can help people that have behavioral issues, ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s, and beyond. It addresses the types of health issues where pills only resolve the symptoms. But as most of us know, the pills don’t help with the core issue. And that is what light therapy does.

It heals you at your core and helps you get rid of the problem and the symptoms. It’s beautiful!


If you want to learn more about Light Therapy & my Light Therapy work, you can follow me with the links below, or email me at - thank you for reading!

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