(all prices subject to change)

Individual Sessions

30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $80

Anti-aging - $30

Hair regrowth - $25

Photopuncture session - $55


(must be used within 3 months/90 days)

Recommended for people

with acute injuries.

Five, 30 minute sessions - $225

Five, 60 minute sessions - $350

(must be used within 30 days)

Recommended for people who have chronic conditions.

 8 sessions  - $400

12 sessions - $540



We accept the following payment types...

We do not bill insurance at this time.









Rental Program

Renting a system is more cost effective over time. You get more sessions and can use it on a daily basis at your convenience. Lisa will create a plan for your use of the unit. 


starts at $125 per week



starts at $200 per week

light therapy system for rent or purchase

Purchase a System

Purchase your own, home medical device.

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