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Photopuncture Therapy

Photopuncture is acupuncture

using light instead of needles.

Photopuncture uses a light therapy device with a focused beam (also known as torches or hand-held lights) to specifically activate energy points (aka acupoints) along the acupuncture meridians. 


Research has proven that light travels along these meridians just like it does fiber optic cable, opening and balancing the energetic flow in its wake.

This method of helping to balance and heal the body has been used for horses, pets and humans for over 25 years and is now being recognized by acupuncture schools and international light therapy programs as a valuable tool.​

Photopuncture Process

Photopuncture is usually performed by applying red light directly to the skin above the point for 15 – 180 seconds per point, depending upon the power output of the device. This allows us to activate the acupuncture point in a short period of time which results in using light instead of pharmaceutical drugs to go after pain. 

Photopuncture technician Lisa Chadsey applying photopuncture torches to a client's feet

Photopuncture Torches

​Photopuncture torches are red light devices that are excellent for helping to lower pain and increase circulation in any area of the body that is in need of care.  ​

Lisa carries the ONLY torch on the market with both Red and Infrared light included in one torch (as opposed to a larger cluster head not designed for targeted acupoint work) AND the ONLY torch with a fiber-optic probe attachment that allows for lighting in tight spaces like the mouth, sinuses, ear canals and puncture wounds.

Photopuncture technician Lisa Chadsey applying the torches to a client's jaw



Photopuncture sessions are between 30-60 minutes, and are $55 per session.

Photopuncture technician Lisa Chadsey applying the torches to a client's head and neck
Photopuncture technician Lisa Chadsey applying the torches to herself

Torches are available for purchase!

Photopuncture torches
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