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What Our Clients are Saying!

Photopuncture torches applied to a client's head and neck
A cat is wrapped in a light system for pain relief
Light Therapist Lisa Chadsey applying a light system to a client's leg
A dog wrapped in a light system for pain relief
A client using a light system

"In the year 2005 I had a work related accident. I went through an attic and then on to a cement floor rupturing/ herniated 13 discs in my back. I've been in extreme pain for 13 years with a lot of bad pain narcotics, which if it weren't for light therapy I have no idea where I'd be now. I have metal bars and screws in my back that once broke, and the doctors weren't able to remove the broken screws in my vertebrae, so they left them there, broken in the spine.


On the morning of going to get a light session. As I was pulling out of my driveway I came so close to hitting a lady walking her dog, her fist on my vehicle's hood stopped me just in time from a horrible accident. The reason is I couldn't move my neck (at this point I had decided to quit driving). Which devastated me because that was one more thing I had to give up because of my severe back injury.


I continued to drive to a friends house who took me to Lisa's light therapy business. After the first session I was able to move my neck up and down, side to side, it was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. Today, I walk 2-3 miles, I sleep very well, I play on my church's worship team and I have my appetite back. God first gets all the glory, after all it was He that said "let there be light" Amen. Lisa is an angel. She truly has a gift and is a Practitioner that cares."

- Rick L

"I got results immediately after one session of lights, maybe not always typical but I did. I had horrible hip pain (bursitis) for months. Even touching my hip was painful. I was finally going to see a doctor. I could hardly lift my leg to get in the car. Instead I went to see Lisa. After the treatment it didn't hurt to touch. By the next morning my pain was completely gone. I mean gone!!! This was a pain I had for months and I hardly think it would have gone away on its own overnight? I bought a system because it helped with other ailments I've been dealing with over the years. It is my home healthcare system now. Lisa with is awesome!!"

- Rebecca S

"Lisa Chadsey is a talented and serious practitioner, working with blue, red and infrared light therapy to reduce inflammation, decrease symptoms of post-traumatic stress and other mental-emotional conditions and help heal from injuries and surgeries. Highly recommended!"

- Mary S

"Backstory: I had severe eczema on my hands. They were full of blisters that would ooze and I was in severe pain. The dermatologist put me on a round of prednisone and steroid creams. It helped, but as soon as I finished the prednisone, it came back with a vengeance. I was in so much pain, I could not even wash my hair in the shower. Touching anything made me cry and it was awful! The doctor put me on a second round of prednisone, but I knew it was not going to help.

My friend mentioned light therapy and I was very skeptical. I met with Lisa, who was very kind and patient with me even though I told her I was trying anything because I was in so much pain. After my initial session, I went home and took a 3 hour nap and woke up feeling hopeful about it. The next morning, I saw 3 days worth of healing (from my experience on round 1 of the prednisone) in less than 24 hours. It was amazing! I continued seeing Lisa and my hands saw so much healing. My doctor was blown away at my follow up appointment and I told her that it was all thanks to the lights.

After my first session, I went ahead and bought my own system and have gotten certified as a Level 1 Light Therapist so I can help my family. The lights have brought so much healing to my family and I cannot thank Lisa enough! She was truly a Godsend!

I highly recommend Light Matters Therapy, especially if you are a skeptic like I was! Lisa is amazing and has a true calling!"

- Jordan W

"Wow, I just wanted to report how wonderfully different I felt after our light therapy session!!!

I feel an improved sense of well being. My hips feel better in a deeper way somehow, my neck feels better. I slept great!

Thanks again for everything, I’m happy to know you."

- Kari J

"Lisa is not only compassionate and knowledgeable, she knew exactly what I needed to help alleviate my neck pain, which led to headaches and stress. I’m anxious to do more sessions with her!"

- Lisa W

"I'm so thankful for my friend Adrienne who pushed me to try a new therapy for my chronic illness. She introduced me to Lisa Chadsey who has worked with me almost a month to get me pain free. After 9 sessions I have felt changes in my pain and other chronic symptoms that I haven't felt in any other type of therapy, medications, or other natural remedies I have tried in the last 8 years! I still have a long road ahead of me but I'm hopeful. Thank you Lisa and Adrienne!"

- Melissa C

"We were introduced to the Light Therapy by a friend that knew Lisa and that has started a very different experience in our lives. I, Bill, was involved in a bike accident doing "Ride the Rockies" in 2006 and suffered a head injury. The doctors over the years have treated me for Parkinson's. Thinking my symptoms could be treated with medication.


Going to Lisa for Light treatments for about a month slowly showed my walking improved and other symptoms changed. The pain in my knee and neck has much improved. My wife also used the lights to help with skin rash and shoulder pain. Lisa suggested we could do this at home so we purchased a set and have been doing it on our own.


The greatest help Lisa gave us was the information about a Cere Scan that diagnosed my injury resulted in brain damage from the bike accident. Light therapy has been improving many needs. The blood flow from using light therapy supplies the brain with circulation and healing. My wife and I both in our 80s and this therapy have also given us stronger immunity to colds, better sleep, digestive and other illnesses that our family's have experienced. Overall I can say our health has improved. Lisa is absolutely wonderful and a true pleasure to work with."

- Bill W

A child using a light system when he was feeling ill

"Our 9 yr old was feeling really ill. Fever, achy all over, nauseous and couldn't get comfortable until we put the lights on him. He slept all night and no ill feelings the next day. Like nothing happened."

"Lisa Chadsey has the rights to my story as she is the one who cared for me during my unfortunate break of my left ankle! It's because of Lisa that I healed so well and quickly, despite my crappy immune system!


I have Rheumatoid arthritis and recently broke my ankle by missing the bottom step at our home. Broke both sides of the ankle 10/07/2019. Not good! Started light therapy the next day. Had surgery 10/11/2019 because the break was so bad. I continued using light therapy with Lisa's incredible guidance and insight. Then I had a reaction to medication and ended up in the hospital with an RA flare up! Used the light therapy again. I was originally told 6 to 8 weeks of no weight bearing. 11/05/2019, saw my Dr and he said I was healing so quickly that I could start bearing weight exercises. Which was less than 4 weeks from the break and only 3 1/2 weeks post op!! It felt good to walk again. Only 1/2 weight bearing but it was walking!


I returned the lights I rented from Lisa only to call her a week later. The walking boot rubbed so much on the new skin on the outer side of my ankle, I ended up with a questionable cellulitis, plus a RA flare up from medication and possible rejection of the titanium plate!!! Now what??!! I rented the lights again and after one session, I could actually hang my leg over the bed without throbbing excruciating pain! Yeah for the LIGHTS!! Three days after starting them again, I could see improvement in my symptoms of redness, swelling and warmth at the incision. Thank you Lisa, you are the BEST!"

- Robin C

88 year old diabetic female shows remarkable improvement on her leg to avoid amputation

Light therapy was used to save an 88 year-old lady from amputation. After applying light therapy 3 times a week her wound had healed after 81 days.

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