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Transitioning from being sedentary to being outdoors.

Ah yes, the last snowy days of winter are still here. Each time I wake up with snow there’s a part of me that says, “No thank you, I want to start wearing shorts and enjoy the warmth please.” I also recognize that those snowy days help me hunker down and recover before the full sprint of spring and summertime.

So as we enjoy the last stretch of the wintertime and transition into spring, I want to talk about what we’ve all been waiting for - MOVEMENT! We’ve been sedentary for so long it can almost feel impossible to imagine being in great shape with a tan again! Let alone the aches and pains that come from this transition of rest to intense activity.

Yes, that’s right, it's time for that beautiful feeling of not being trapped indoors, but rather getting to be outside - without a jacket - enjoying barbecues with your family, running, hiking, sitting on the back patio, all the things you’ve been craving throughout the wintertime.

Part of fully enjoying this time is taking care of your body so it’s dialed in and ready for the activities you’ll pursue in the warmer months of the year. That’s what I want for you - to have your body in top shape for the outdoor adventures you’ll start to have as we drift into our spring months.

You may be thinking "that sounds great, but how will I find the time?” That's easier than you might believe, all of these things take just a little extra time and have great long-term benefits.

This time of year I start to focus on:

  1. Stretching and creating flexibility in my body - you can do this through intentional exercise and taking time to cool down after you do any intensive physical work. You can also focus on having patience with the parts of your body that need help through massage, chiropractic, etc. Someone once told me that youth is flexibility in your body, and it feels so true coming out of the winter season.

  2. Eating cleanly and consistently so that the food you consume can provide your body with the building blocks that it needs to strengthen your immunity and your muscles. So much of our health begins here.

  3. And of course, light therapy! This modality at its core brings your body back to equilibrium. It’s a tool to help your body have all the energy that it needs to do what you want, remove waste and inflammation, and allow your cells to repair at a deeper level. Light therapy also helps you get out of the last weeks of winter funk that can come from Seasonal Depression.

I’m a big believer that health comes from caring for your body consistently and with natural holistic methods. There’s no catch all to fix your ailments aside from helping your body regulate itself as it was meant to do!

Now, I’m sure you have a bucket list a mile long with the things you’re excited to do in the coming months. If you want to share these exciting adventures with me or see how light therapy can make your experience strong and healthier, feel free to reach out to me anytime!

With Love,

~Lisa Chadsey


If you want to learn more about Light Therapy & my Light Therapy work, you can follow me with the links below, or email me at - thank you for reading!

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