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How Does Light Therapy Help With Eczema?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Today I want to talk with you about Light Therapy and how it helps to heal skin conditions like Eczema.

Eczema is something that has and still does impact millions of people lives. It is a true-blue disorder. On top of that, it is very hard to diagnose and home in on why people have it. With the benefits of light therapy, you can have your cells repaired down to the DNA’s level. The lights work by going in and giving the cells the information that they need to heal themselves.

There is speculation that Eczema is caused by eating inflammatory foods and toxins. As a result of this, people and their kids stop eating dairy, wheat, gluten, and other types of dietary restrictions. Those are all important, but it’s also important to continue to heal the body at a deeper level. What’s great about Light Therapy is that it actually goes down to the cells that need repair, that need support, and that is where Eczema can be relieved from. By allowing for inflammation to be reduced and for the body to properly remove waste and heal itself, you will see the reduction of the symptoms caused by Eczema.

How does the Light Therapy work at a deeper level?

At a cellular level, Light therapy works by removing excess white blood cells that create inflammation. It allows for the body to flow more naturally and expel toxins. In fact, the practice of Light Therapy is anti-inflammatory and helps to smooth the liaisons in the body while also decreasing skin thickening.

Now what does skin thickening really mean? Skin thickening is what the body does to protect itself, but this also means that it is blocking the movement needed to allow for the healing process. What light therapy does is to help regenerate new skin cells and nerve endings to aid in the healing process. This is where you start to see a reduction in eczema and natural, smooth skin becoming the norm.

Light Therapy also helps to reduce itching and pain while preventing chronic symptoms. A lot of people get immediate relief with their eczema and other skin conditions once they use Light Therapy. I’ll discuss the different types of light therapy that I would recommend in a different post.

Just know that there is an answer to the problems that are created by eczema and its symptoms, that there is relief that you can get by using Light Therapy. With this treatment, there are no side effects, and you might still use creams, but you’ll find that you need that less and less as time goes on. Continuing to use the Light Therapy helps to establish a long-term repairing of your skin.

Have more questions about how this type of therapy can help you?

I have helped so many people with Eczema and many of the individuals I talk to are afraid to use Light Therapy because they don’t fully understand it. I’m here to help educate you and give you guidance on how to use Light Therapy to heal. If you have any more questions for me or want to talk more about Eczema, leave me a comment below or reach out to me through email or phone.

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