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Stopping Pneumonia & The After Effects of COVID | Healing Light Therapy

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Helping heal from COVID with Light Therapy

Today I’m going to talk to you about how Light Therapy can help with pneumonia.

Now COVID, as everyone has heard, is wreaking havoc on everyone’s immune system. It is a scary time right now, but that is why I’m putting out more content about Light Therapy. It’s to try to give peace to those out there who don’t know what to do. I want to let you know that there are answers out there to help naturally boost your immune system as well as fight the effects of the damage that COVID or any type of illness may have on you. Light Therapy can actually stop the progression of the damage that these such illnesses cause and start repairing cells so you can recover faster.

It’s for real. It’s legit, and it doesn’t require medication. Just the natural healing wavelengths of red, blue, and infrared light. There are lots of studies on how Light Therapy helps to do this out there that you can find too.

Right now, pneumonia is plaguing a lot of people that have gotten COVID. This also includes symptoms of chronic fatigue, muscle loss, and memory loss; there are a lot of crazy things that COVID does. I’m here to tell you that Light Therapy can help. It’s natural. I’m here to help educate you on how it helps and why it helps.

Researchers found that Light Therapy that was applied to the lungs successfully slows down the rush of cells and chemicals associated with the immune response while still allowing it to do what it needs to do to fight off infection. Now toning down the immune response allows for the airways to stay open and deliver oxygen without blockage due to the increased blood flow from Light Therapy that also helps to deliver oxygen to your cells.

On a high level pneumonia and the inflammation/coughing can cause small injuries to the lungs. What Light Therapy can help do is repair the vulnerable parts of those injuries to boost the lungs and fight the infections off while getting rid of those harmful particles. By using Light Therapy, which utilizes specific wavelengths, this causes reactions that kill off harmful microorganisms almost immediately through oxidation.

What does that mean? It’s like there is a Pacman on a cellular level eating up and destroying the bacteria so your cells can do what they need to restore themselves.

Light Therapy targets the cells, but it also helps to boost the surrounding hosts of tissues around that. So, it’s just going after and knocking out the bad guys (bacteria) and supporting the good guys (your natural immune response bolstered by Light Therapy.) Light Therapy is already used clinically as a treatment for several different infectious diseases.

So, people ask, what color of Light Therapy has the most absorption for pneumonia? That’s easy, it’s near infrared. Near means that the wavelengths are as close to you as possible are in direct contact with your skin. Far-infrared means that it is further away from you and not in direct contact.

With near infrared you want the diodes and therapy to be touching you. Now, there are a lot of devices out there so you need to find what is safest for you. If you want to give me a call, I would be happy to talk with you about this.

The absorption peak for the lungs is 805 Nanometers and that is where the penetration from Light Therapy gets into the biological tissues. It’s beneficial for the wavelengths to get in there, into the lungs, because there is low absorption of the hemoglobin in there. What that means is that there’s lack of blood flow. What Light Therapy brings is blood flow - that’s where oxygen is which allows for the healing to begin.

So great news, there are promising results with using medical grade Light Therapy devices in clinics, so you may want to call your local clinic to see if they do such treatments. If you are in Colorado, that’s where I live! I am happy to help you, so just reach out to me and I’m happy to see you and help you be the Pacman to fight off the pneumonia bad guys.

I hope that this brought light into your life!

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