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Considering Different Health Options

Different Health Solutions

When it comes to conversations about health we get so many mixed messages from the media and from tribal knowledge. It feels like there is no simple answer.

There’s the world of pharmaceuticals - pills and prescriptions for all problems.

This ends up feeling like a band-aid - addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause. Suddenly these pills which say that they address the problem come with a long list of all of the side-effects that prescription may cause.

Suddenly you become dependent on them for stability.

Then there’s the world of surgery and medical assistance. So valuable, and yet often an expensive and very final solution. What can you do now so that you avoid as much time in the hospital as possible? How can you take care of your health now so you spend less time in the hospital later on?

As we go about our days we’re barraged by more and more information. Are there certain foods/routines that outweigh others - or is it possible that each unique individual has their own needs and therefore their own optimal diet? Can you really be healthy without that clarity of information?

So much of this becomes almost debilitating, especially when everything stacks up.

I myself have been working through this. Wanting to find something simple and sustainable that works for me. Not because it’s what everyone is touting as the “current thing” but that has really worked for people over time.

I think it’s important to talk about simplicity too, because that’s where most of us fall by the wayside. When you create healthy habits for yourself, keep them simple and easy. Baby steps at the start is key!

When it comes to staying healthy I focus on the following:

  1. Regular sleep routine - consistency is key for your bodies natural circadian rhythms.

  2. Clean diet - removing as much sugar, processed foods, and dairy as possible and leaning into greens, fruits, and meats.

  3. Exercise - Moving your body and getting outdoors into the fresh air is key. You can walk, run, enjoy a class like yoga/pilates. Whatever suits your lifestyle.

  4. Light Therapy - To drop into my body and help heal what these three things don't heal. This works especially well on reducing inflammation and helping my body's circulation so it can do the work it needs to.

These four key things have been tried and true for me and I know that they’ll be beneficial for you.

If you want to talk in greater depth about any of this, I have created a webinar to talk more with you about health & light therapy as I transition to working remotely. This webinar is for all of you and I’m beyond excited to answer any questions you may have!

Call me at (720) 219-2990 if you want to talk or need anything!

~Lisa Chadsey


If you want to learn more about Light Therapy & my Light Therapy work, you can follow me with the links below, or email me at - thank you for reading!

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