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Giving & Healing During the Holidays

Give the gift of healing

When I first thought of what I wanted to share with you this December, I immediately thought of how this month drops me into Christmas-mode. Well, how is this relevant to light therapy? So I thought a little deeper. As the holiday cheer starts to become more prevalent, I start thinking about how I can take care of my family…how I can serve my clients before the new year…and how I can get everyone the perfect gift to share some of my love with them…the list goes on. And on. It’s a touch stressful. But it also brings me back to what I believe and how at my core I want to serve people in whatever way that I can. That this month is a month for giving.

But I’ll get to that in a second.

Since we’re in the jolly spirit, with the bright lights dancing on the roofs, with the snow settling softly, and with the hum of Christmas music finally playing in stores - oh I missed this! - I begin that tradition of ending some evenings with films that bring on the Christmas spirit.

Now you might be thinking of a White Christmas or the Grinch, yes I love this one too, but I actually thought of A Christmas Carol first. It strikes me that there’s something about the tale of healing that serves as a great reminder. Of Ebenezer Scrooge experiencing a change of heart through the teachings of each ghost; past, present, and yet to come.

A world is opened to him where he can see the impact that his actions really have and he realizes instead how much he wants to live a different life. One where it isn’t only about him. That he wants to be a part of the lives of those around him and to give more - including helping Tiny Tim!

When I think about this story it makes me reflect on my own life. Cliche, I know! But truly, am I giving enough or am I focused on things that aren’t as important as I think. Am I really living with thoughtful intention everyday?

I tend to let myself fall prey to the busyness of life and the demands of things that don’t matter as much as loving my family, showing up in the world to help others heal, and taking care of my health so I can live with joy!

That all being said, I wanted to take a moment to remind each and every one of you that during this beautiful month of giving, don’t forget to pause and appreciate the things that truly matter.

Here are a couple of things that come straight to mind. Give yourself the gift of:

  1. Little moments with your family & friends - enjoy a meal or a laugh with the people who make each day better than the last!

  2. A moment of gratitude: For what you’ve experienced over the course of this year, there are lots of things that have helped you grow, helped you laugh, and heal. There are so many wonderful things in our lives, even when it feels like everything is mayhem, know that there have been great things too!

  3. Getting outside - even in the cold - and breathing that fresh air. Enjoy the beautiful sky & sunshine (or snow) for as long as you can!

  4. Pausing and taking care of YOURSELF - Yes, that’s right. Part of giving is also caring for you. Take an extra 20 minutes to get still and think of things that bring joy to your heart. Do something that brings you happiness, and let go of the unimportant things that are weighing you down.

No matter what is going on in your life, I want you to know that you are loved and cherished. If ever you need anything, I’m just an email or call away! In the meantime, spend this month giving to those you love!

~Lisa Chadsey


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