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The Pros & Cons for Owning your own Light Therapy System

After last week's webinar I wanted to connect with anyone who wants to explore the possibility of owning their own system. First of all, there are so many different types of equipment out there. You can read more about these in this article here. So deciding what fits your needs best is one of the best places to start.

From there, you’ll want to explore your options to rent or purchase your own system. Both offer their own unique pros and cons and can fit into your life differently. I’ll be speaking specifically about InLight’s systems as I use those the most often and trust their frequencies best.

So what are the pros of owning your own system?

  • Not only do you get to take care of yourself, but you also get to use your equipment with your family and your animals as well. This can expand to sharing with your friends and benefiting your larger community.

  • It’s easy to be proactive in advocating for your own health without leaving the home. (Like having a bottle of Advil in your medicine cabinet.) Having your own system in your own home means easy access to healing anytime. No appointments or co-pay needed.

  • You get 24/7 access to your own Preventative care - honoring your body now means less visits to the hospital later on & reduced medical bills.

  • You get to have full access to Lisa - guidance included. I've got your back, and I’ll be there with you throughout the process.

So what are the cons of owning your own system?

  • You have an initial learning curve to learn how to use the system and place the pads correctly. (Don’t worry, that’s part of where I come in!)

  • There is a large initial investment for the system itself. Once this is paid for, there are no additional co-pays or rental charges.

  • Taking care to clean and maintain your pads to ensure that the system works well for you as long as possible.

I also want to include a simple breakdown since math isn’t always the easiest to sort out while your mind is racing with other things you need to get done.

I always think about it like this: For the smallest package that I offer, you're investing $8.21 a day to support your health and body. The most expensive package is $13.68 a day and allows you to focus on more parts of your body so you can save time too.

This is just slightly over the price of a cup of coffee or a lunch out each day AND is only for the first year of use, beyond that your costs drop to $0.00!

Getting to take your health into your own hands can feel like a big deal, but it’s much easier than we’ve all been led to believe. I’m excited to help you experience this for yourself!

If you want to talk more, please feel free to give me a call anytime (720) 219-2990.

With Love,

~Lisa Chadsey


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