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The Pros & Cons for Renting your own Light Therapy System

I wanted to drop into another option for people who aren’t quite ready to purchase a system of their own. Trust me, I completely understand what that can be like as you wrestle with finances. So that’s why I offer system rentals: I believe that you deserve to have the tools you need to support your health. Whatever that may look like with your current means, we will find a way!

So on that note, I wanted to offer a breakdown of the pros and cons to renting a system so you can know what is possible and what the best option is for you.

Okay, what are the pros of owning your own system?

  • To start simply, you get to try before you buy. Do you know any other medical devices that you can try before you buy? That’s what makes this such a cool piece of equipment. You get to decide for yourself whether this system and light therapy are actually everything that they’ve been said to be. And just so you know, this is how I was at the start too. I remember asking - “Is this for real? Does it actually work?” And from trying it first hand I was able to discover for myself whether or not it worked and move past skepticism into healing.

  • It’s easy to be proactive in advocating for your own health when you don’t have to use extra time and energy just to care for yourself. (Basically it’s like having your medicine cabinet at home - easy access!) Having a system in your own home during the rental period means you can heal yourself on your schedule.

  • You get to have full access to me - guidance included - for the period of time you’re renting the system. No matter where you’re at, I want to offer you as much support as possible!

And what are the cons of renting rather than owning your own system?

  • You do need to make co-payments and book appointments in order to rent out the system. This takes extra time and energy to manage each time you need to use the lights.

  • Over the course of renting this does end up costing more than purchasing your own system. For the short term, this solution is excellent for seeing if this treatment works well for you. Over the long term, it’s best to commit to a system of your very own.

  • There’s less consistency, so many of my current clients need to refresh their memories on how to use the different frequencies and pad placements. There’s less fluidity and consistency with how you use the equipment.

Many of the people I work with start with the rental of their own system to ensure that light therapy is right for them. And, that it actually works! When I first encountered light therapy I felt the same as many of you likely do. I wasn’t sure it wasn’t just some woo-woo thing where someone else was making money off my health troubles.

But, since I’ve experienced such a powerful change in my body from using light therapy, I’ve become a huge advocate for what it can do to help other people. I want you to have access to these powerful healing devices in whatever shape or form works best for you.

I’m excited for you to experience the quick and deep healing of this process. If renting a system is what fits your current lifestyle best, then let’s talk more!

Please feel free to give me a call anytime (720) 219-2990.

With Love,

~Lisa Chadsey


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