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Helping our Children Benefit from Light Therapy

Helping our Children Benefit from Light Therapy

When school starts up again it can be so relieving - more time to take care of things that were forgotten over the summertime - but it also means that many of us have kids in sports and the winter months are coming. This means less sunshine and a rise in seasonal depression.

With Rocky, we start with football, and this is a sport full of contact. After the incident earlier this summer where he broke his pelvis (Iliac wing), I want to make sure that he’s healthy all season long.

I also want to make sure that as the darker months creep up that he’s in a place where he feels confident and can regulate his moods better. This helps our whole family get through the cooler months and I want you to have that too.

Here are some things that light therapy helps with for our young kids and students out there.

What can light therapy help with in terms of sports?

What kind of sports injuries are you talking about?

  1. Inflammation from overwork and physical stressors

  2. Bruising

  3. Sprains and strains

  4. Swollen muscles

  5. Pain along the shin bone

  6. Joint (like rotator cuff) and knee injuries

  7. Muscle tears

How does light therapy help with this?

When your body absorbs red/near-infrared light energy, it simulates a photo chemical reaction within your mitochondria that increases ATP production and cell signaling.

What does this mean in layman's terms? Basically, it gives your body the energy it needs to accelerate the natural healing process of your body as it balances the chemical processes within your body. This means faster healing for our little ones while they engage in sports.

It also reduces inflammation within your body, allowing it to clear out toxins, remove built-up cellular waste, and infection to allow for your body to naturally circulate as it needs to. This means that it supports healthy blood flow to areas of your body, like your immune system and skin, to remove waste and to stimulate healing with any and all sports injuries.

When your body absorbs red/near-infrared light energy, it simulates a photo chemical reaction within your mitochondria that increases ATP production and cell signaling.

First of all, what is Seasonal Depression?

“Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you're like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody.” (Article 1, Mayo Clinic)

To break it down even more (in terms of what’s going on within your body: “If you’re at risk of SAD, you may already have less serotonin activity. Since sunlight helps regulate serotonin, a lack of sunlight in the winter can make the situation worse. Serotonin levels can fall further, leading to depression.” (Article 2.)

How does light therapy help with this?

Light therapy helps to soothe and calm the mind down. During a light therapy session your body interacts with the different wavelengths of light and devotes its energy to circulation, ATP production, and cellular healing. While the body is at work, this process naturally calms the brain down. When the seasonal blues hit, the wavelengths help your little ones to naturally regulate their own moods and bodies better.

It specifically helps to regulate blood flow to areas of the brain like the hypothalamus which regulates your hormones, and the amygdala which is considered part of your “emotional brain.”

All of these subtle pieces fold together to help our kids take better care of their bodies and natural processes so they can go to school this season and take care of the important things!

When school comes around again and we drift into the cooler months, I want you to be able to focus on and care for your family.

Call me at 720-219-2990 and let's talk more.

~Lisa Chadsey


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