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My Son's Experience with Light Therapy - Healing Sports Injuries

I have many stories about light therapy, but sometimes I get to experience the power of it firsthand when something big happens in my own life. If you’re wondering - “Oh no, what happened?” Let me tell you!

Instead of sharing a story from one of my clients, I’m going to tell you about how everything went with my son. Recently Rocky, my youngest, broke his iliac wing, (basically his upper hip) and we used the lights to help him recover.

So here is what happened:

Rocky, my energetic & always-moving son, was on the back of an ATV Quad and his buddy took a sharp turn and lost control. They both went flying and the ATV rolled over them and landed on Rocky. He hit his head on a rock but he had his helmet on. His buddy lifted the ATV off of him and Rocky got up and was able to walk around. It seemed like he was fine, but that was just the adrenaline talking. As time went on he couldn’t walk and he fell to the ground. He had broken his Iliac wing on his pelvis. He was in a lot of pain so they had to give him morphine.

Once we talked with the doctors and were clear on what he needed I brought him back home and we had him lay in a comfortable position to apply the lights to his low back and to his frontal hip area, as well as up and down his spine. We put a facemask over his eyes to address the trauma for his brain. We did longer sessions with him to address the tearing and impact in his ligaments, tendons, and nerves within his hip. Everyday for 10 days Rocky was on the lights. At this point in time we’re doing it twice a week.

What blew me away was his response to it and how quickly he recovered.

During the time we spent with the lights he was so relaxed because the pain was starting to go away. He wanted to keep doing the lights because he could feel the way that it was helping him.

He kept asking to “hit start again, it feels good.” He slowly was able to walk without the crutches, and move around again. He stopped moaning and crying and was happy and content after these sessions. I noticed an increased amount of recovery as he started doing more and more, and needed his crutches less and less. He even started making himself lunch and breakfast. Every mothers dream!

Throughout this time he visited the chiropractor to make sure he was healing well. He shared with the chiropractor that the lights were amazing. “I keep doing them and they make me feel better.” That’s a pretty rave review by my standards.

On August 10th we’ll check in with the hospital, but right now Rocky is playing basketball with his brother in law Joey and he’s running up and down the stairs. It’s clear that this has a lasting impact on his recovery and health. He keeps telling me he feels perfectly healed – stretching, running, etc. He’s ready to get out and play again.

The way that light therapy works continues to reshape what I know is possible for healing and I’m so glad I get to share that with you.

I know you’re all busy with fun summer-time things, so I’m sending you love and happy summer wishes!


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