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Sandy’s Light Therapy Experience – Getting Rid of Inflammation, Pain & Vertigo

I am so excited to share some new videos with you! I've been working with a couple of my amazing clients to share their experiences with light therapy so you can hear about it first-hand.

Read below for Sandy's story, or check out the video on my YouTube channel below.

Sandy’s Light Therapy Experience – Getting Rid of Inflammation, Pain & Vertigo

*The following experience is transcribed from an in-person interview.*

Sandy: My name is Sandy Booth, I’m 60 years old.

Lisa: I appreciate you coming in today and doing this little interview. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your experience with light therapy.

Lisa: How did you find light therapy?

Sandy: I started coming into Bella Vie Med Spa to get my eyelashes done and a girl named Lauren introduced me to light therapy, told me everything it did for her. So, I had to try it.

Lisa: How has light therapy impacted you? What was your health ailment? What did you come in for?

Sandy: I came in because I had a knee surgery, and I could not get the swelling to go out of my knee. I had also taken a fall down some stairs and my ankle was really swollen. I went ahead and came in basically for those issues. I also had issues with my back, it gets very sore. I’ve had three back surgeries.

So, I decided that I needed to come in to get some relief from it.

Lisa: And how long have you been dealing with your ankle, knee, and back pain?

Sandy: I’ve been dealing with my back pain ever since my last surgery. Which has been quite a few years actually. My knee and my ankle, about a year. So, it was just getting to the point where my pants didn’t fit right because my knee was always swollen. It was hard to put on shoes because the ankle was always swollen.

I needed to do something to try and get the swelling out. I was told that that was one of the things that light therapy did. I needed to come and give it a shot.

Lisa: And what was your experience like?

Sandy: The first time I used it – a big change. The swelling went down in my knee. My ankle felt so much better. The swelling went out of that, and I was able to sleep for the first time….(Jeepers) in about a year without real pain and swelling. So, I couldn’t wait to come back.

Lisa: I remember you saying that it was the first time that your ankle didn’t wake you up from a deep sleep that you would wake up from the pain. Just after one session you had relief.

Lisa: So, what was it like working with me?

Sandy: Lisa is amazing. Not only is she a good therapist, she’s also becoming an amazingly great friend. She definitely knows what she’s doing. Always trust that what you need that she will do what you need. She’s easy to work with, easy to talk to, she gets directly to the point and the problem. Make sure you trust Lisa.

Lisa: Thank you! Were there any other words of advice?

Sandy: Don’t think it’s a quick fix. It’s never going to be a quick fix. You’re on medication for a purpose and a reason. Just like light therapy, it’s a continuation. So, if you come in, do it on a regular basis at first for at least a month. Do it on a regular basis. Your body is going to tell you when you need it. I have learned that coming once a week for me is really important if I get really bad and strain something. It’s at least two to three times a week.

Don’t quit, whatever you do don’t stop the light therapy. It is something that you will continually use for the rest of your life.

For me, this is my realization, could I buy it yes. Do I want to? No. This is my chance of getting away, having complete quiet and rest, and I don’t have to worry about any interruptions. So, the decision is yours whether you buy it or come in and have it then. But do not stop doing it.

Lisa: Well, it’s been amazing working with you too and also growing our friendship. I just adore you and your family that has come in to get light therapy as well. It’s been an amazing journey!

Sandy: Yeah, it is. It’s definitely something that you don’t think that you’ll get a lifelong friend out of, but I definitely did.

Has light therapy helped you with anything else?

Sandy: Hi it’s me again, I did forget one vital thing. I also came in because I have vertigo. I have it so bad that I actually could not sleep on my right side because I would get so dizzy. And I had done therapies and been on medications. Medication is horrible. So I did the light therapy for vertigo also and I tell you, just one session, just one, helped my vertigo. I can actually sleep on my right side. I don’t get dizzy anymore. I can actually bend over, do yard work, pull weeds. I don’t get dizzy anymore. It also does help with vertigo. I do want to make sure everybody does know that. It truthfully does work.

Thank you Sandy for taking the time to share your story with us!


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