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Preventing Sports Injuries

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Last week I was able to share my excitement for the coming springtime and answer some questions about how light therapy can help people get ready for the season. This week, I want to really drop into talking about one of the things that I am the most excited about; seeing my son in action with his summer time sports and hiking in my free time.

Why am I so excited? Well, because seeing him succeed and do what he loves brings me an immense amount of joy. The past seasons have been harder on Rocky and he’s spent a lot of time healing. This season we want to be on top of caring for his body so that he can be strong and resilient.

So with that in mind, it’s time for all of us to make sure that we stay in tip-top shape and stay on the field or on the courts to ensure that we’re being active and honoring our bodies.

Now, if you’re a little older, extreme sports are likely not your forte. That’s totally fine. Getting ready for the summertime can look like being in healthy enough shape to chase your grandbabies around or explore the zoo with your nieces and nephews. Even giving you enough energy to answer all of their unending questions!

Regardless of what you’re looking for we want to spring into recovery and go after inflammation. Set yourself up for success!

Now you may be wondering, and rightly so, how does light therapy help with inflammation?

They do a couple of things - the lights help your body by bringing nutrients to the muscles and bones to ensure that your body has exactly what it needs to heal and re-enforce what’s already there. This means that you can use the lights to keep your body in top form BEFORE the season begins, thereby reducing the chance of injuries.

The lights can also help in other ways.

They reduce inflammation in your joints which is often a point of discomfort in both younger people and those of us who have weathered many years.

Even the subtle discomfort that many of us feel in our spines from driving everywhere, leaning over laptops, and working at desks can bring a level of pain that is, at a minimum, distracting.

When you use light therapy the wavelengths help your body naturally clear out unneeded waste so your body can repair itself while reducing inflammation and pain.

What else can I do to care for my body and prevent injuries?

The lights can relieve so much of the strain on our bodies, but I know many of you want to know what else you can pair with this healing. Here are some additional recommendations that I would offer that pair well with light therapy. Keep yourself in shape and care for your body!

  • Take time to rest. Playing any sport for too long without a break will cause your muscles to be overused, which increases the chances of your being injured. Take periods of rest so your body can repair itself.

  • Maintain flexibility. I heard someone once say that youth is flexibility and I believe that whole-heartedly. Take time to stretch and keep your body young!

  • Strengthen your core. A strong core improves your balance and stability, which is crucial in all sports and can help you avoid injury.

  • Use proper technique with your sport. When you’re playing your sport you’ll want to talk with your coaches and ensure that you’re using the right movements for each sport that you’re playing.

What this means is that you don’t have to wait to get a sports injury or endure low-level pain that prevents you from pursuing what you like. Instead you can be ready for the season ahead of time!

Enjoy the coming weeks and drop into spring with me!

With Love,

~Lisa Chadsey


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